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    Six modules, ready to take at any time you are ready, starting right now! Study at a pace you are comfortable with and retake any classes you like for as long as you like; there is no time limit or expiration date.

  • Class Handouts

    Each class has a set of PDF-type “handouts” available for you to view and download. These learning aids are full of helpful illustrations, diagrams, and text that will further help you understand these amazing foundations of Astrology.

  • Class Recordings

    Each module's recording with Shannon has been broken up into short sections that you can easily navigate and rewatch the ones you like. These short video blocks also work in parallel with the course PDF handouts making it even easier for you to navigate and rewatch.


Hi, my name is Shannon Aganza 💖

I’m delighted and honored to be your guide on these first steps of your cosmic education. Welcome to Astrology Foundations 1!

Imagine living in a world where every person is able to tap into the essence of who they are… where they’re able to dialogue with their Soul, accessing the timing of their Soul’s unfoldment with power, living a life of dynamic, vital connection with their surrounding environment and community… a life where self love and acceptance are easily found, unfolding into healthy relationships. 

I believe this is possible, through the practice of astrology. 

The personal astrological blueprint, known as the natal or birth chart, holds the keys to living this connected life. 

This Astrology Foundations 1 course begins your journey to understanding how to cultivate this in your own life — and how you can help guide others to find their inner wisdom, too. 

With access to this blueprint — this life’s plan at your fingertips — you can move moment to moment with the wisdom, grace, and strength inherent in your every cell…

What does that look like for you? We’ll be learning the language of astrology over the course of two weeks. That includes… 

  • Modalities and elements

  • 12 signs of the Zodiac

  • Planets

  • Houses

  • Aspects

It makes me giddy to invite you into this world where you will never be bored. 

Are you ready to live a life of empowerment and purpose? Join me on this path to self discovery!


  • Who should take Astrology Foundations 1?

    Everyone! These foundations aren’t just for beginners, but you don’t need to know anything about astrology to take this course. For those who have studied astrology and would like to bring it all together, or for someone who would like a deeper understanding and new take on foundations, this is for you, too! Learning deep core concepts will enhance your understanding of astrology as you advance your studies.

  • How do I access all of this?

    We have set up an easy-to-use student portal (created during course sign up) that organizes all course materials and video recordings with Shannon. All of this material will be available to you at any time and has no expiration date.

  • What about class handouts?

    The course is organized into modules with sets of PDF-type “handouts” available for you to view and download from your class portal. These learning aids, (crafted specifically for this course), which work in parallel with the class recordings, are full of helpful illustrations, diagrams, and text that will further help you understand the course material.


Creator at Moongathering Shannon Aganza

Shannon Aganza is an Astrologer and educator with a rich international practice and 30 years of experience. As an educator, Shannon integrates traditional and Hellenistic techniques with modern applications in her courses. Shannon’s readings — both in-person and virtual — incorporate these disciplines of traditional astrology with modern techniques, and often include numerology, tarot, and her unique intuitive gifts. The result allows your Higher Self to transmit through the birth chart and guide you toward the Light held within your blueprint. Shannon works with individuals, groups, and businesses in varied industries such as engineers in tech, doctors, and researchers within progressive medical communities, professional and Olympic athletes, as well as A-listers within the entertainment industry. Shannon also works in tandem with licensed MFT therapists to help support their patients’ healing journeys.